Changing The Face Of Aging

A new hormone replacement therapy for both men and women is changing the way we think about aging.

Our bodies have a built-in regulation system that calls for just the right amount of estrogen or testosterone to be released, but when the body is going through hormonal changes caused by menopause or andropause (male menopause), the body is no longer capable of producing what it needs to.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy uses tiny pellets implanted in the body to replenish estrogen levels in women and testosterone levels in men to keep up with your body’s demands as you age.

Dr. Michael Patin, Medical Director at Bay Parkway Physicians, which has several locations throughout Brooklyn, has added Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to his extensive repertoire.

Using a local anesthetic, the pellets are painlessly inserted under the skin through a tiny incision. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes and the amount of discomfort one experiences is less than getting a blood test.

Outweighing the small amount of pain are the overwhelming benefits – improved memory, a better night’s sleep, more energy and sex drive.

Bay Parkway Physicians not only perform testosterone and estrogen therapies, they also provide a full array of aesthetic medicine which are all performed in house.

“Everything is done in our facility – from exams to laboratory tests to procedures,” says Dr. Patin. “Our health professionals take great care in providing for you all in one place.”

Bay Parkway Physician’s cosmetic procedures include:
– Dermal fillers such as Radiesse, which works to produce collagen in the skin and improve facial contouring
– Juvederm, an injectable filler that improves the appearance of wrinkles and facial folds
– Botox, which helps to eliminate crow’s feet, frown lines and furrows in the forehead
– Laser hair removal and laser wrinkle removal
– Eyelash elongation

If you are interested in learning more about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy or any of Bay Parkway Physician’s other procedures, call Dr. Michael Patin today.

Bay Parkway Physicians is located at 6417 Bay Parkway  – (718) 234-6767.

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