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– My Brooklyn Calendar

The Brooklyn Eagle’s live and interactive monthly calendar for (some pretty awesome) upcoming events, borough-wide. View, RSVP, or submit an event. Get the know-how on whats happening this month in your neighborhood.


–  BrooklynBookBeat

BrooklynBookBeat is Brooklyn Eagle’s blog devoted to all things literary — books, authors, history, and associated events. This is an extension of the BookBeat section of our print editions. Here, we encompass all that paper cannot. The Eagle, once edited by Walt Whitman, has long been covering Brooklyn news and events, but this blog serves as a special haven for Brooklyn bookworms – We feature Brooklyn-based writers, as well as stories, history, events, and related literary gossip, but do take heed! for there art also some corny lit jokes ahead. (sorry!)


–  Brooklyn Archive

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Howe’s Brooklyn?

How ya doing, Brooklyn? Sam Howe and the gang’s got the know-how!


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