Oasis Famous Falafel Sandwiches Will Leave Your Tastebuds Starstruck

n 7th wbgConveniently located off the L train, Oasis Famous Falafel Sandwiches is a hot spot for locals and visitors alike. Considering their reputation for affordable, authentic Middle Eastern meals, it is unsurprising to learn the sidewalk is often studded with a queue of hungry patrons ready to nosh on platters of Shwarma, Hummus and Baba Ghanoush. Luckily, timely service and fresh, high quality food is also a regular feature.

Yum: Oasis falafel sandwiches may be famous, but the made-to-order kebabs are rising stars in their own right!

Oasis Famous Falafel Sandwiches
161 North 7th Street
(718) 218-7607

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