Shops Come Together for Atlantic Avenue Stoop Sale

Stores all along Atlantic Avenue threw on their summer’s best this weekend and chalked down prices for the Atlantic Avenue Stoop Sale.

Outside Brookyln Industries. Photo Credit: Cody Brooks

Saturday and Sunday saw shops on Atlantic Avenue from under the 278 freeway at Furman Street to 4th Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn put up sale signs and display merchandise on the sidewalk in an effort to boost sales. A variety of shops such as clothing stores, salons, and antique stores slashed prices for many of their items anywhere from 15 percent to 50 percent off, and also had various special offers and discounts.

Inside Hunting With Jake. Photo Credit: Cody Brooks.
Inside Hunting With Jake. Photo Credit: Cody Brooks.
Outside Hunting with Jake.
Outside Hunting With Jake. Photo Credit: Cody Brooks

The weekend sale helped businesses such as Hunting With Jake, an antique store between Hoyt Street and Bond Street on Atlantic Avenue. The store struggles with sales during July and August, when the heat encourages tourists to spend time at the beach instead of shopping for furniture or clothing. Store manager Drew bore the problem out by explaining that Saturday, which had been overcast with the possibility of rain, was a much more lucrative day than the mid 90 degree weather of Sunday. Once it is sufficiently hot, “everyone evacuates”, he said.

In Steven Alan.
Steven Alan Optical. Photo Credit: Cody Brooks

On the flip side Steven Alan Optical, a new store that sells sunglasses on the corner of Hoyt Street and Atlantic Avenue, had a much busier day on Sunday. An employee explained that he closed the store to go out to lunch, and when he returned there was a line of people waiting to get inside; he suggested that maybe the heat reminded everyone “Oh, right, I need sunglasses.” The store had consistent traffic all of Sunday.

Outside Steven Alan Optical. Photo Credit: Cody Brooks
Outside Steven Alan Optical. Photo Credit: Cody Brooks

The Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District (AABID) settled on the weekend sale at a board meeting months ago in anticipation of the slump in sales, and as an effort to encourage locals and tourists to utilize the area. The AABID represents over 300 businesses in the Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, and Cobble Hill neighborhoods, with the goal of long-term economic development. The AABID provides centralized marketing for businesses in its district, along with sanitation, security, and streetscape beautification, and it also has an advocacy branch that fights for improvement plans such as more beneficial zoning laws and adequate parking spots.

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