South Meets East at Wangs Fried Chicken

Union-StreetThough it may not be immediately evident, Wangs Fried Chicken isn’t your typical down-home soul food. American poultry gets an Asian makeover for a South-meets-East menu that upgrades ordinary condiments to aolis, replacing traditional ranch and honey mustard with cilantro & lime, ginger & garlic, sesame and kimchi. Along with house-made hot and not so hot sauces (often accompanying their eponymous “WANGS”, Korean style fried jumbo whole wings), this takeout diner also prepares iced teas and sodas from scratch with fresh-squeezed citrus and spices.

Fun Fact: Wangs is dedicated to sustainability and supporting their community. They purchase their premium sourced birds from local butcher Paisano’s, and only use earth-friendly packaging for their dishes.

Wangs Fried Chicken
671 Union Street
(718) 636-6390

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