Veteran Bakery Doughnut Plant Continues to Blossom

flatbush aveThis striking black and orange corner building may house the Willy Wonka of doughnuts: Doughnut Plant, in business since 1994 and on Flatbush since 2014, has churned out creative favorites like the Creme Brûlée Doughnut, the Pokémon-themed Pokéseed Doughnut, and the first-ever Square Doughnut. With a family history of baking dating back to 1910, Doughnut Plant owner Mark Israel continues to innovate with seasonal fruit-and-roasted-nut glazes and their first ever vegan doughnut.

Doughnut TransPlant: In 2004, Doughnut Plant opened its first bakery in Tokyo, Japan. Today, there are now nine locations!

Doughnut Plant
245 Flatbush Avenue
(212) 503-3700

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