Gowanus: Gonna Put A Hacks On You

Ariel Cotton Art Exhibit

Littlefield performance and art space is hosting a brand new art exhibit that promises to be anything but ordinary.

Orgasming chocolates, angry dresses and books filled with pop-up zombie Barbie doll heads are just a few of the avant garde things to expect from artist Ariel Cotton’s “Gonna Put A Hack On You“. Cotton’s work varies from painting and drawing to interactive electronic installations and devices.

New Yorkers might be able to relate a bit more personally to Cotton’s exhibit because of the fact that she draws from her experience and journeys from the past year – including trying to live a balanced life in New York City.

There will be an opening reception at 6pm on August 7th, with this art exhibit running through September 1st.

(Photo Courtesy: Littlefield)

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