5TH Ave_Park Slope_street signs_RHStep inside this curious shop and be whisked into the world of superheroes with its colorful stock of capes, secret identity kits and light-up toy weapons to fight bad guys. But the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. has a secret identity of its own: one peek through a hidden window will reveal a classroom, where a generation of young writers are discovering and empowering themselves through 826NYC’s creative writing workshops and tutoring programs. Purchases made in-store are what make this endeavor possible.

Fun Fact: 826NYC not only gives kids an outlet for their creativity, but also aids in publishing and distributing their work in ‘zines, special 826NYC publications (available for purchase in store) and other publications, such as the Business Review.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.
372 5th Avenue
(718) 499-9884

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