Savor the Fresh Flavor of Hey Hey Canteen

4th AveThe bright, airy interior of Hey Hey Canteen illustrates the concept of vibrance and health with absolute clarity, connecting you to their values of fresh, high-quality Asian comfort food long before you sink your teeth into a crisp salad or satisfying noodle soup. Bright green stools and stained wood slab tables invite you to sit down and savor the home-grown flavor this top notch eatery provides in every dish.

Yum: A unique take on classic fare, the Chrysanthemum Caesar Salad sprinkles chrysanthemum leaves atop a bed of crispy seaweed, tofu, almond parmesan and bao croutons. Add a bottle of wine or special cocktail to create an unbeatable recipe for a great night out!

Hey Hey Canteen
400 4th Avenue
(347) 987-3830

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