Brooklyn Heights: Bring the Garden Indoors

terrarium jewelryTerrariums are miniature environments captured in glass. Considering the size of most NYC apartments, terrariums are the perfect way to pull some of the outdoors in.

Brooklyn Terrariums has a wide selection of beautiful garden terrariums in different shapes and sizes to help bring unique and colorful succulents into your home.

Choose from round, teardrop, pill, drop or multi-shaped terrariums. Only needing occasional watering and very little space, these mini-gardens are good for even the most inexperienced gardeners.

earth speaks 1Terrariums browsing isn’t the only reason to stop into Brooklyn Terrariums. This shop is also home to organic fashions, jewelry and other boutique gift items.

Earth Speaks Organic Fashion is made using only organic material, semi-precious stones and classic prints from India.

Organic Jewelry, handmade by Brooklyn Terrarium owner Bi Li, contains unique mixes of colored moss and come in various styles.

Brooklyn Terrariums is located in Brooklyn Height’s 139 Design & Art Co-op.

(All Photo Courtesy: Brooklyn Terrariums)

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