This Brooklyn Heights Lunchtime Favorite Delivers On Its Promises

Curry Heights

It’s easy to see why the Brooklyn Heights area is a local lunchtime favorite for students, professionals and tourists alike.

Chalkboard signs cover the sidewalk boasting the best lunch deals, lowest prices and highest quality. Unfortunately, not all restaurants deliver on their sidewalk promises.

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Luckily for us, there is at least one restaurant in the area that delivers exactly as advertised.

Curry Heights, which serves up authentic Indian food at almost unbelievably low prices, is a top pick for those looking to try something a little exotic on their lunch break.

Don’t take our word for it – just peek in during the week around 1pm to see professionals huddled over a lunch meeting, families taking a break in their day or students laughing over some Tandoori Chicken.

Everything at Curry Heights is made from scratch. Experienced chefs dole out dishes made from recipes passed down from Indian kitchens.

“Our food is made to make you feel at home,” says owner AK Karim. “Any dish prepared here could have come from one of our mother’s Indian kitchens.”

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The authentic taste of this varied Northern Indian menu is because Curry Heights either imports all natural ingredients directly from India or uses fresh produce and meats from local vendors.

With an 18-dish hot food station, patrons can create their own lunch combo platters. Take out and delivery are always an option but if you have some time, enjoy Curry Heights’ laid back, family-friendly atmosphere decorated with beautiful Indian artwork.

Curry Heights also boasts a wide selection of vegetarian dishes – something not provided in many Northern Indian restaurants.

Scared of spice? Don’t worry. Depending on how brave you feel, the chefs here are able to prepare any dish from very mild to “challenge the chef”.

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Speaking of brave, why not try their goat dishes? Very popular with diners, the goat dishes are tender and full of flavor – a nice alternative to your more usual chicken and beef options.

Curry Heights also has an enormous dinner menu – everything from samosas to barbecue to desserts and smoothies.

Enjoy homemade, reasonably priced Northern Indian cuisine at Curry Heights today!

Curry Heights is located at 151 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights – (718) 260-9000. 

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