Brooklyn Heights: Much to Discover at Brooklyn Terrariums

What do you get when you combine the desire to have a beautiful garden and a tiny Brooklyn apartment?

Well, no matter how big your green thumb, Brooklyn Terrariums has a wide selection of beautiful garden terrariums in many different shapes and sizes to help bring some spring succulents into your home.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 6.43.50 PMTerrariums are collections of small plants growing in an either open or completely closed transparent container. At Brooklyn Terrarium, their wide selection of beautiful glass displays help to brighten up even the rainiest of days.

Choose from round, tear drop, pill, drop or multi shaped terrariums that are home to a variety of beautiful plants.¬†They only need occasional watering and very little space – two things we’re (fairly) confident we can handle!

If gardens aren’t really your thing, stop into Brooklyn Terrariums for their selection of clothing, gifts and fine jewelry – earrings and necklaces that are uniquely handcrafted and contain a mix of colored moss and beading.

Brooklyn Terrariums is located in Brooklyn Height’s 139 Design & Art Co-op.

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