A Colorful Fiesta for All at Haab Mexican Restaurant

6th ave psBrightening the block of 6th Avenue is the colorful Haab, a Mexican restaurant known for their plethora of options and generous portions. Their highly inclusive menu boasts flavorful innovations such as Cactus & Kale Quesadillas and a Quinoa Salad featuring mint, figs and pepitas, and offers vegans and vegetarians plenty of dishes to choose from. A rainbow of umbrellas, potted plants and painted outdoor seating reflect the welcoming atmosphere that make first-time diners instant regulars.

Name Game: The Haab’ is part of the Maya calendric system, which approximates the solar year. The restaurant Haab takes great pride in their Mexican roots, including a Mayan glyph on their exterior wall logo.

396 6th Avenue
(718) 369-0849

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