Sometimes, especially in Brooklyn, you stumble upon a spot that feels nostalgic –  a place with much more than what’s on the menu, a place with history. You walk in the door and it’s almost as if you walked into another time altogether. You order a drink at the bar from a friendly face with a smile that says he’s seen many others before you take a turn at sitting on those stools but you’re welcome just the same.

And sometimes, you’re lucky enough to have stumbled upon a place like Armando’s. A  restaurant and bar that once welcomed movie stars, baseball players and politicians alike with a similar friendly face that offered them to have a seat, have a drink, share a joke at the bar or sometimes to sneak quietly into the back booth.

We’re not talking small town heroes here. Movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. Baseball players made famous in royal blue uniforms and with Dodger “B”s on their caps.

Sure, come to Armando’s for the food – you won’t be disappointed in their classic Italian fare. But more importantly, come for the nostalgia. Come to close your eyes and see Marilyn and Arthur whispering closely at the table next to you. Tune your ears to hear Dodgers jokes and laughter coming from the boisterous boys in the back of the restaurant. Steal a look at the bar and see Norman Mailer scribbling notes and sipping his drink.

Come to Armando’s for so much more than the food. Come for the Brooklyn many of us no longer know. Come to be a part of the past. Come for the nostalgia.

Armando’s is located at 143 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights

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