Jete dance center

Beginning this month, the Jeté Dance Center in Park Slope will start offering unlimited classes and free after school pick up to their dance studio at 274 3rd Avenue.

The Dance Center, which opens for it’s 2014-2015 session on Monday, September 8, will provide the opportunity for Brooklyn’s future dancers, ages 6-18, to take unlimited classes at the center, Monday through Friday, for only $56 per week.

“We are dedicated to having kids be able to dance daily, and provide childcare for parents at work, all while training the dancers to attend specialized schools in NYC for dance,” says Jeté’s Executive Director Tamia Santana. “This can be a great opportunity for kids of all dance levels to learn something new and work on their dancing, while giving parents the safety and security of knowing their children are being picked up, and are doing something creative and productive every afternoon.”

The studio offers a variety of dance classes including tap, ballet, hip-hop, acrobatics, jazz and more. “Depending on their enthusiasm, they can take unlimited classes any day, after school,” adds Santana.

Currently, the school offers free pickup at P.S. 29, P.S. 11, P.S. 58, P.S. 372 and the Greene Hill School. However, they are looking to extend to more schools, and each new school needs only four dancers to enroll in the program.

Other programs at the center include educational placement, all boys classes, company classes, Jete to Broadway and more. The Dance Center currently has students that attend accredited dance programs at Mark Twain, Laguardia High School, Professional Performing Arts School, Frank Sinatra, School of American Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School and others.

The Jeté Dance Center is located at 274 3rd Avenue. They can be reached at 718-222-5383 or via email at info@jete

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