Live the Good Life with Stoop Juice’s 100% Organic Smoothies

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Neighborhood favorite Stoop Juice has a new line of 100% organic smoothies to hydrate, rejuvenate and satisfy every palate. Keep it simple with Good Sweets, featuring the fresh flavor of peaches, strawberries and banana, or enjoy a tart treat of grapefruit, lime, kale, pomegranate and wheatgrass in the blood-building Multitasker. A great choice for the season is the South Slope Spice, which enriches sweet coconut ice cream with immune-boosting ginger and chocolate nibs, a delicious source of natural antioxidants.

Explore the full menu on Stoop Juiceā€™s website!

Stoop Juice
443 7th Avenue
(718) 853-6850

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