Montague street_street signs_LH-2Montague Street has for over a hundred years been a gathering place for those who wanted to indulge in a cool beverage, sip a coffee at a quaint café, or stroll down the block and window shop.

Though it is only four blocks long, Montague Street has a vital civic center at one end and an unparalleled view of Manhattan on the other.

The Street is brimming with incredible architecture, is surrounded by the City’s first historic landmark district, and it boasts a small town charm while still preserving the city’s uniqueness.

The street today is still a blend of old and new. The latest tenants of the vibrant block include Friend of a Farmer, Kiehl’s, and Ricky’s NYC.

There are, however, many shops that still have second- and third-generation families operating them.

These businesses have remained loyal to the community, and continue to thrive on a vibrant thoroughfare in the heart of Brooklyn Heights.


Lassen & Hennigs

114 Montague St

Lassen & Hennigs is one of those several generation stores run by siblings Tom and Chris Calfa. The store has been in their family since 1969.

It specializes in fine foods and catering and has a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, and hot foods.

Get a desert like red velvet and carrot cakes or go for their premade meals such as gnocchi, jambalaya, or salmon with broccoli rabe.

Many customers rave about The Thanksgiving Day sandwich with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

“You can get anything you want here, anyway you want it” said Calfa. “You don’t have to order off the board. So the world is your oyster when it comes to the counter.”

Grab a sandwich to go and sit out in the sun on one of the promenade’s benches overlooking the Manhattan skyline.


Key Food

102 Montague St

 Key Food is another business that has passed the test of time.

Enrico Palazio’s grandfather bought Key Food in 1982 and then Palazio’s father and uncle bought it from him in 1994.

“Although Montague Street has changed” said Palazio, “at Key Food, we’ve preserved the family atmosphere, the face of the owner. My family owns the business and one of our family members is here every day, no matter what, so there’s that continuity that the customers see. They can come in and recognize who they’re local shop owner is.

“Tastes have changed completely here,” said Palazio. “Ten years ago we were supplying customers who were on Atkins Diet and now everyone seems to be gluten-free, or looking for non-GMO products, or organic. 20 years ago organic departments didn’t exist. Now, every aisle has organic products in it. Our customers tastes have evolved and we modernize our offerings to meet that.”


Monty Q’s

158 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

 Monty Q’s is one of the few neighborhood generational stores that continue to grace Montague Street.

George Chamoun the manager and head chef told The Eagle “You can find everything on Montague Street. It’s a neighborhood street. It’s got drug stores, pizza spots, and grocery stores. Montague Street brings people to the neighborhood, brings us business. People come for a quick bite to eat, there’s no wait. People take pizza to go and they go to the promenade, sit on a bench, and enjoy the view.

“Montague Street has that neighborhood feel. Mothers call me up asking is my son here. It’s a staple of Brooklyn.”

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