Saketumi’s Fusion Menu A Hit – Best Of Asian, Thai & Sushi

Brooklyn, we get it. Lunch hour can be a stressful time. In the midst of conference calls, meetings and endless emails to open, you have to choose how you’re going to spend your precious mid-day sanity saver.

Never fear our hard working Brooklynites! Saketumi Asian Bistro has a wide variety of Asian, Sushi and Thai dishes to choose from whether you’re taking that hour lunch or grabbing something on the go.

Even the name has the power to wake you up a bit!

You may have seen Saketumi on Montague Street before, but this Asian Bistro recently got an impressive renovation – new management, new décor and a revamped menu to boot. DSC_0200

Saketumi’s new menu features three different kinds of curry to create an authentic Thai cuisine, specialty sushi rolls based on seasonal ingredients and of course, your Asian favorites.

Jenny Lin, the new owner of Saketumi, understands the importance of variety on the menu. “We didn’t want to limit our customers to one kind of food,” says Jenny. “We wanted to give them the ability to choose from a wide selection of dishes.”

Oh and just in case you really wanted to get the “sake” out of Saketumi, mention this article for a free large hot sake with dinner.

Our suggestion? Try the “Bonsai” – sake mixed with plum wine!

Saketumi Asian Bistro is located at 118 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights – (718) 855-8688. 

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