Sapporo Flavor With Brooklyn Flare at Ramen Yebisu

7th_seventh Ave_ParkSlope_LH _street signsTraditional Japanese shop curtains distinguish this 7th Avenue restaurant from its neighbors, beckoning you in to experience the Sapporo-style ramen that has earned Ramen Yebisu numerous awards and accolades. The cool industrial interior places the focus on food, which is authentic not only in flavor but also the way in which it is served: ramen is eaten with a wooden ladle, enabling you to enjoy your meal to the very last sluuuuurp!

Fun Fact: Ramen Yebisu gets its name from one of the seven gods of fortune in Japanese mythology, Yebisu, who is the Japanese god of fishermen and luck.

Ramen Yebisu
52 7th Avenue
(718) 398-5500

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