Sunny Deli Stands The Test of Time

Sunny Delicatessen – 153 Joralemon St

The neighborhood delis, bodegas, and corner stores that used to line the streets of Brooklyn have long been on their way out with the mom and pop stores that can no longer compete in an ever-changing neighborhood with astronomical rent prices.

Sunny Delicatessen, or “Harry’s” as the local kids call it, however, has passed the test of time and continues to thrive in Brooklyn Heights.

Sunny Delicatessen is a popular after school hangout for kids of all ages who want to get their sugar rush before heading home.

Joe Kim and Dante Espinoza run the shop. Kim, a seven year veteran, runs the register while Espinoza, who has worked there for five years, takes sandwich orders.

Both Kim and Espinoza know everyone’s name, greeting them upon arrival, and asking questions such as “the usual?” and “how’s the wife?”

Though the two work long hours together, they still find time on weekends to go mountain biking, often riding 40-75 miles at a time.

When asked what made working in Brooklyn so special, Kim’s answer was simple:

“Brooklyn’s where it’s at right now.”


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