Sunset Park: A Final Look at “Intimate Forest”

Beatrice Coron, Branching Out

“Trees are of exceptional interest to many people and of enormous consequence to all living things.” – Anders Knutsson, Co-Curator and exhibiting artist of Tabla Rasa’s Intimate Forest Exhibit.

Turn of the century carriage house turned art gallery, Tabla Rasa Gallery, showcases work by artists in all media – painting, sculpture, film and more. Their belief is that art is an expression of the human spirit and a voice for social issues.

Intimate Forest, their latest exhibit showcasing a collection of artwork inspired by trees, runs through June 7th.

The diverse collection will feature 14 contemporary artists’ approach to the timeless subject of nature and Tabla Rasa will host a closing reception to celebrate the work Saturday, June 7th at 2pm.

Tabla Rasa Gallery is a part of the Sunset Park Arts Community, located at 224 48th Street.

(Feature Photo: Thomas Hagen, Plumb Beach)

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