Williamsburg: Summer of Surrealism Film Series

Nitehawk Cinema Summer of Surrealism
Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg is beginning their month long series, “Summer of Surrealism”. The special screening will include 6 films, some of which will include live music scoring as part of Nitehawk’s ART SEEN and LIVE + SOUND + CINEMA programming.
The series will present a collection of modern cross-genre films, which demolish rational thought and challenge the very notion of reality by embracing the surrealist tradition of dreamscapes and Freudian psychology.
The series will include:
– Inland Empire – July 11 and 12
– The Bed Sitting Room – July 17
– Nightmare on Elm Street – July 18 & July 19
– Surrealist Shorts – July 18 & July 19 (featuring live score performance)
– Dead Man – July 25 & 26
– Holy Mountain – June 27 & 28 (featuring live score performance)
(Photo Courtesy: Nitehawk Cinema)


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