Carroll Gardens: The Jalopy Theatre’s Folk Music Lessons

Jalopy Theatre Lessons Brooklyn

Long known as an excellent adult music school, The Jalopy Theatre now offers music instruction for children. The Jalopy Jr. Folk School offers group classes in fiddle, banjo, ukulele and guitar for children 6-14 years old. The classes are taught in the folk tradition, where students learn from both instructors and each other, starting to play songs together as a group from the beginning. 

Jalopy Jr. Folk students receive lessons in their instrument, followed by ensemble classes where they play songs with other students, creating a multi-instrumental band. All classes are taught by professional musicians. 

There are two programs within Jr. Folk, Making Music and Jr. Folk Ensemble.
The Making Music class introduces children, ages 6 to 8 years-old, to their first instrument, the ukulele. Students learn an array of favorite folk and traditional songs, studying rhythm and beginning music theory. The Jr. Folk Program, for 8 to 14 year-olds, offers instruction in banjo, fiddle and guitar for students of varying skill levels.

Classes begin in September!

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