Downtown Brooklyn: Gators, Turtles & Snakes, Oh My!

This past weekend, the Dodge YMCA located on Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn hosted a truly wild event! Lead by Director Erik Zeidler, Manhattan based New York Wild brought turtles, lizards, alligators and snakes of all sizes to wow children and parents alike.


Perhaps the most mesmerizing were the boa constrictor and yellow python – averaging a length of 18 feet!


Although only the trained handlers were able to hold those reptilian giants, children were invited to hold the smaller snakes, pet the turtles and take some photos.

Of course, there were also arts and crafts to help commemorate the day.

Grab your popcorn! The next Youth & Family event at Dodge YMCA is a Movie Day on March 29th.

Get more information on future Dodge YMCA events by checking out their Facebook page!

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