Downtown Brooklyn: Marvel Universe Live! Comes to Barclays Center

Marvel Universe Live Barclays Center

Marvel Universe Live! is a new live arena show that recently began its two year, 85-city tour. The show brings many of Marvel’s famous characters off the comic book pages and movie screens, and right in front of us.

Thor, The Hulk, Wolverine and even Captain America are some of the stars of the two-hour extravaganza. Kids might be entertained by the characters and stunts but parents will certainly be impressed by the enormity and complexity of the production.

The show, which is no easy feat to move occupying 25 cargo trucks, ups the ante for theatrical experiences. Technology is at the forefront of the show followed by dizzying acrobatics, motocross and laser shows.

Marvel Universe Live! runs through Sunday at the Barclays Center. Don’t miss this thrill for the whole family!

(Photo Courtesy: AP Images)

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