Flavor and Convenience at Hiroto Japanese Restaurant

5TH Ave_Park Slope_street signs_RHThe frosted doors leading into Hirito Japanese Restaurant diffuse the light and noise of Park Slope’s thriving 5th Avenue, creating a soft seclusion for diners to enjoy each other’s company over hot tea and cold sashimi. Half price rolls and lunch specials make sushi bar staples even more appealing, and offering delivery through Grub Hub, Seamless and Eat24 provide the convenience of enjoying international flavors from the comfort of your own home.

Yum: The Spicy Naruto Roll is a Hiroto house special roll composed of tuna, salmon or yellowtail packed with avocado and caviar, and crisp cucumber slices in place of nori. Rice is omitted, making these flavors really pop.

Hirito Japanese Restaurant
75 5th Avenue
(718) 230-1800

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