Gowanus: Ask Roulette – Let’s Get Awkward

As New Yorkers, we’re pretty used to the fact that we’re surrounded by strangers. On the train, walking to work, restaurants – just us and a bunch of people we’ll never see again. Our city offers us the chance at anonymity and most of the time, it’s a Brooklyn blessing.

Ask Roulette is a conversation series (and podcast) hosted by The Bell House which forces us to shed our constant barrier and answer questions posed by complete strangers. Questions are serious or silly. Answers are short or long. The idea is that you can’t ask a question of anyone in the group until you answer one yourself.

The result? A fun combination of weird, uncomfortable and just the right amount of entertaining.

Next Ask Roulette is being held on May 27th, 8pm at The Bell House.

(Photo Courtesy: The Bell House)

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