Bay Parkway Physicians offers a wide variety of health practices for the entire family. Skin problems, cardiovascular diseases and weight loss management are just a few ailments that Bay Parkway Physicians’ knowledgeable and highly trained staff is able to diagnose and treat.

Individualized treatment is what makes Bay Parkway Physicians stand apart from other medical practitioners. Patients are not hurried from the waiting room to the exam room and out the door. The Bay Parkway staff takes the time to get to know you and your health concerns so that they are able to serve you best.

The stress of finding a medical office that can deal with all of your family’s health needs can be overwhelming. Bay Parkway Physicians takes care in providing doctors who are well versed in understanding the general medical, psychological and developmental needs in patients of every age.

Non-surgical and cosmetic services including Dermal Fillers, Botox and laser wrinkle removers are just some of the procedures done right in the Bay Parkway Physicians Dermatological office.
– Dermal fillers plump lips, remove wrinkles and add volume to your face with a minimally invasive procedure.
– Botox helps with crow’s feet, frown lines and furrows in the forehead creating a smooth and sculpted appearance.
– Laser wrinkle removal works by resurfacing the skin on your face to remove the top layer of damaged skin, which leaves behind the younger, smoother skin underneath.

Bay Parkway Physicians also provides a wide range of Physical Therapy to ease aches and pains caused by surgery, injuries, illness and more. With access to medical doctors, physical therapists and specialists all in one place, limited mobility and pain caused by carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis and more can be eased and cared for.

Perhaps their most notable procedure is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy during which small pellets are painlessly inserted into the body to replenish testosterone levels in men or estrogen levels in women. This therapy has many positive effects such as improved memory, more energy and sex drive.

Contact Dr. Michael Patin and his team today to learn more about these and other treatments provided by Bay Parkway Physicians.

Bay Parkway Physicians is located at 6417 Bay Parkway; (718) 234-6767.

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