Manhattan: Experiments in Opera Presents Brother, Brother

The Abrons Arts Center located in Manhattan’s lower east side is presenting Experiments in Opera‘s final production of their 2013-2014 season with the premiere of Brother, Brother.

Focusing on the relationship between Orville and Wilbur Wright following their first flights in 1903, this opera artistically weaves together themes of family drama, the complexities of brotherly intimacy and the Wright brothers’ business struggles.

The 90-minute opera was created and written by Experiments in Opera co-founder Aaron Siegel. Siegel drew on his own experiences as a twin to create a range of intimate language to express both brother’s wonderment with the world around them and the relationship between them.

The music of Brother, Brother is a wildly entertaining combination of percussive minimalism, American shape-note singing, early music, jazz and electronic. The opera will feature performances by Mantra Percussion, an innovative percussion group and the Cadillac Moon Ensemble, a music quartet that takes a new twist on traditional chamber music.

Experiments in Opera aims to nurture the work of composers and broaden the understanding of experimental opera. Before each Brother, Brother performance, Experiments in Opera will present two ‘Opera Trailers’ that will offer a sneak peak at their newest opera ideas and characters.

Performances will be held on May 2nd & 3rd. Don’t miss a truly unique theatrical experience!

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