Taking A New, Holistic Approach To Your Health

We Brooklynites seem to constantly have a lot going on. Between our hectic workweeks and social schedules, our diets seem to get pushed to the back burner. It’s time we take a more holistic approach to our health and weight loss goals.

Dr. Carey Skorski at his office in Bay Ridge

Dr. Carey Skorski at Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare has mastered a new weight loss program that guarantees a loss of at least 20 lbs. in 40 days. “A New You In 40 Days” utilizes a computerized diagnosis of your body’s ailments and needs to contour a personalized approach to losing weight.

After watching a free informational video on the program and how it works, Dr. Skorski will administer a body composition analysis to learn more about what is and isn’t working in your body.

The test determines information such as your:
– Weight
– Body Mass Index, which correlates to your risk for cancer, diabetes and heart disease
– Percentage of fat, water and muscle

Perhaps the most telling part of the analysis is your metabolic age – the age of your metabolism. Because of dehydration, the amount of fat in your body or a number of other factors, the age at which your body is working might be far older than your number of years.

Once qualifying for the 40-day program, another computer test will measure over two thousand biomarkers in the body, which point to reasons why the body is overweight.

How are your organs working? Are your hormones balanced? Are there any toxins from the environment present in your body? Do you have any nutritional deficiencies?

With these questions answered, Dr. Skorski and his team at Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare are able to determine what your body needs nutritionally or homeopathically. They are able to conclude what toxins need to be expelled from your body and what amount of water, minerals and nutrients need to be added.

Once your body is balanced, you are able to lose weight quickly and safely. Most women see a loss of 27-37 lbs. and men usually lose between 35-45 lbs. Some people have lost over 50 lbs. in the 40 days!

“A New You In 40 Days” isn’t just a matter of losing weight. Getting your body to a balanced state increases the tendency to keep excess weight off for good. Those with heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol have seen improved health and some have even been told by their doctors’ that they no longer need their medication.

The initial computerized testing is normally $99, but Dr. Skorski is offering it for only $27. The 40-day program can cost as low as $200 but depends on your personal needs and how intensive your program is.

“I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to get healthy,” says Dr. Carey Skorski. “We work individually with our patients to make sure that their needs are met and they can look forward to a healthy lifestyle for years to come.”

Find out how you can benefit from chiropractic medicine and the “New You in 40 Days” program by calling Dr. Skorski and his team at Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare today.

Bay Ridge Holistic Healthcare is located at 140 87th Street in Bay Ridge – (347) 586-0018.



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