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Montague Street’s Chocolate Works announced earlier this month the installation of a new, full-service espresso bar, catering to both the sweet-tooth and caffeine-craver. The bar just adds another layer to the location’s offerings.

The store hosts events for businesses, as well as parties for children, with both indoor and outdoor-patio options, and make-your-own-chocolate tables. Recently announced as well, the store will be offering a create-your-own chocolate bar station.

Chocolate Works opened in 2014 and, since then, has expanded to become the neighborhood’s go-to sweet shop, serving up a candy wall (complete with nostalgic candy), pastries, a chocolate fountain, and now an espresso bar. Sit at their communal table to share your sweet treat with a loved one.

Worried about gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, dairy-freeor vegan options? They’ve got you covered.

Worried about ruining your diet? We can’t help you there. You’ll want it all. Sign up for a yoga class down the street to burn it off.

The location is preparing now for the holidays, with everything from specialty sweet treats, to their signature, best-selling truffles in a box.


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