Roebling Inn

97 Atlantic Avenue



The women entered through the door in clusters of twos and threes over the course of an

hour or so. It was an extremely diverse group, and they seemed to only have friendship

and a love of pizza in common. They were also extremely boisterous, too. After one

particularly loud explosion of laughter, Paul, who was in the midst of his last shift as a

bartender at Roebling that evening, filled me in: “Former LICH nurses.” I squinted.

“Long Island College Hospital.”

Paul went on to explain that this was nothing new. These nurses who used to work at the

hospital, which closed its doors in May of 2014, started having their book club at the

Roebling Inn back in February. They’ve met almost every week since then, and have

proven to be a lively addition to a bar that is typically dominated by small groups of

regulars from the neighborhood and couples having a few drinks after spending the

afternoon in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

There are numerous reasons why Roebling Inn has become one of the most popular bars

in the Heights. Its beer list showcases several Brooklyn breweries such as Kelso and Six

Point; there are $3 Labatt Blues on tap; and there are two skeeball machines in back.

What was most appealing to the women, however, was its sizeable communal space by

the picture window at the front of the bar. This space, which feels more like a living room

than a bar, is perfect for friends who want to discuss a book, watch a football game (or

match), or simply observe the stream of pedestrians walking up and down Atlantic.

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