A new pharmacy has opened in Downtown Brooklyn. Located in the Out of the Closet Thrift Store, this pharmacy refills prescription, has a knowledgeable staff and even has home delivery.

What is unique about this community pharmacy is that 96 cents of every dollar spent there goes directly to HIV/AIDS programs all around the world. The new AHF Pharmacy and the Out of the Closet Thrift Store are a part of the AIDS Health Foundation, the largest provider of HIV/AIDS services in the country.

Originally Los Angeles based, AHF is a global organization that provides the latest medicine and advocacy to over three hundred thousand patients in 28 countries. AHF’s pharmacies, thrift stores and healthcare facilities generate funding for the organization’s efforts to find new, innovative ways of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

photo 2 (3)Millions of people worldwide don’t know that they are infected with HIV/AIDS. AHF wants to lead a mass testing initiative of one million people each year with the main goal of saving lives.

How does AHF plan on taking on this massive undertaking? By providing information and accessibility to take the stigma and fear associated with HIV/AIDS out of the equation. AHF is making information accessible around the globe.

AHF is an incomparable resource of HIV/AIDS related information – everything from how to protect yourself from STDs, explaining the testing process, what to do once you’ve tested positive and HIV/AIDS symptoms.

Brooklyn’s high rate of undiagnosed HIV/AIDS cases was a driving force in AHF setting up its New York location.

“We saw a need for clinical services in Brooklyn. There was a certain instability of medical care and we saw a Brooklyn location as a starting point for future New York care,” explains Michael Camacho, NYC Regional Director at AIDS Healthcare Foundation

The Out of the Closet Thrift Store, in which the AHF Pharmacy is located, just celebrated its first anniversary on Atlantic Avenue. The store sells a bit of everything – clothing, books, artwork and furniture. Donations are always welcome either at the store, online or through their donation number 1-877-2PickItUp.

The not-for-profit pharmacy specializes in HIV/AIDS medication but can fill any prescription. Similarly, pharmacists have a wide knowledge of HIV/AIDS treatments but are also full service. Other advantages such as direct billing to most insurance plans, refills by phone and free and discreet home delivery are options for every patient.

The pharmacy hopes to be a safe haven for all patients regardless of whether they need HIV/AIDS treatment or just need to get their monthly prescription filled. It is the personalized service and the knowledge that your money is going to help those in need that makes AHF Pharmacy one of a kind.

Michael Camacho described it best by saying, “every pharmacy can fill a prescription but only one can change lives.

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