Brooklyn Navy Yard: Follow The Grain Artisanal Production Tour

Brooklyn Navy Yards Rooftop Garden

BLDG 92’s newest exhibit, Making it in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing, explores the maker to manufacturer continuum across a variety of industries. On this interactive tour, we’ll use the exhibit as a jumping off point to explore artisanal production at the Yard – from small-batch distilleries to urban farms, there’s a new wave of manufacturing on the rise in NYC.

Come meet the folks at the Yard who are leading the charge!

From BLDG 92, head over to the Kings County Distillery—the first producer to (legally) distill spirits in NYC since Prohibition – and then follow the grain from the still to the compost pile, managed by the farmers of Brooklyn Grange, the world’s largest rooftop farm. Finally, follow the freshly-harvested produce down to the commercial kitchen of Ted & Honey for a tour and then up to the café for a refreshing mint lemonade—sourced from the farm.

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