Vinegar Hill: NEST – A Space For Big & Small Birds

gallery GAIA nest
Gallery GAIA’s Latest Show, NEST

Through August 22nd, Gallery GAIA is presenting NEST – A Space For Big and Small Birds, a site specific installation by German artist Gabriele Juvan.

Centerpiece of the space is a human size nest built from wisteria branches. Visitors to the gallery are encouraged to get into the nest and experience its lofty and all the same protective character. Other parts of Juvan’s space are a wall with incoming bird photographs by Lin Up Hung and Timo Leppaharju, as well as a bulletin board with drawings, clippings, texts of fellow artists and audience.

There will also be special events and performances as part of the installation throughout the month. Neighborhood and guest artists are also a part of the show.

(Photo Courtesy: Gabriele Juvan)

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