Park Slope: Forty-Six Candles Plays Hilarious Tribute to Hughes’ Characters

Forty-Six Candles John Hughes Characters

Ever wonder what happened to Ferris Bueller? How about the gang from The Breakfast Club?

Forty-Six Candles advertises itself as, “an evening of fiction in which John Hughes’ characters grow the f*ck up”.┬áIn this show set 30 years after Hughes’ characters became pop culture icons, Ferris Bueller is a Goldman Sachs executive charming SEC investigators out of pursuing legal action against him. Claire Standish from The Breakfast Club is a dissatisfied mom and divorcee ruminating over the loser she dated in high school.

Join Joe Garden from The Onion as he hosts a night of fiction based on characters from John Hughes’ films. The performance will be at Union Hall on Friday, August 22nd at 7:30. Make sure to come early to grab a seat, as the event is a mix of seated & standing room.

(Image Courtesy Union Hall)

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