Red Hook: Waiting List Only For The Nighting_Gale


Tonight and Thursday evening at 7pm & 9pm, De-Construkt [projekts] in Red Hook is hosting several performances of The Nighting_Gale, an interactive theatre experience.

Brought to Brooklyn by laBAUBOratory, an interactive theatre collective, The Nighting_Gale began as a performance for an audience of one. These performances are an experiment in showing it to a larger audience. Participants access the performance via a curious OK Cupid profile and are invited on a “date” with the woman behind it. The piece explores the tensions of the digital era – virtual vs. physical, authenticity vs. idealization, the public vs. the private.

The performance seeks to challenge the inherited ideals of these tensions. Stick around after the performance for a chance to talk about your experience.

They might have reached full capacity for these shows but there is a waiting list to attend. Reach out to for more information.

(Photo Courtesy DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] studio)

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