Williamsburg: Evil Arrows to Play at Glasslands

Evil Arrows

Yay! It’s Friday. But we’re already dreading Monday. Spice up your Monday routine by checking out Brooklyn’s own Evil Arrows when they perform at Glasslands in Williamsburg on Monday night.

Evil Arrows is the new project from Bryan Scary, who might sound familiar from his other band, The Shredding Tears. Maybe not? Well, get to know him then.

Evil Arrows is relentlessly staking claim as the guys to know in the glam/indie/British pop sound. This performance is happening in light of their new album, EP 4, coming out September 30th.

“Evil Arrows began as a home-recording project in Gowanus, but the live incarnation is corkscrewing away in wildly propulsive new directions,” says Bryan. “We’ve got a lot of new tunes, and we’re excited to share the Glasslands stage with a mob of other brilliant Brooklynite friends.”

8pm, Williamsburg. Be there.

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